Data Transformation Tools: Qlik, Talend and Microsoft

Data transformation is an integral step in many processes employed by organizations today to harness the insights offered by big data, like data integration, warehousing, migration and wrangling. After transformation, data becomes more secure, accessible and usable for a variety of purposes. This process is performed to ensure the compatibility of data with different forms, […]

Data Ingestion Tools: Microsoft and Qlik

16/01/2024 Data ingestion tools facilitate the process of collecting data from a variety of sources and integrating them into a single target, sometimes more. The framework created by these data ingestion tools standardizes and enhances these processes by making data extraction easier and enabling a vast protocol arsenal of data transport techniques.  The cumbersome procedure […]

Data Integration Tools: Microsoft, Qlik & Talend

16/01/2024 A tool for data integration facilitates the tasks of IT professionals in accessing, duplicating, transferring, and coordinating datasets across various data repositories, thereby improving information accessibility and data availability across an entire organization. Initiatives in data integration include activities such as extracting, transforming, consolidating, and disseminating different types of data to and from various […]

Data Modelling in Power BI: Everything You Need to Know

07/08/2024 Data analysis and interpretation are critical for a data-driven business approach. It allows businesses to run effectively in the market. In order to fully harness the power of big data, these businesses must employ meticulous business intelligence and analytics.    Tools like Power BI help companies analyze and visualize data in a manner that will […]