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What do you get when you put these together?

OpenG2P is an open-source software designed to be a foundation for delivering government-to-person solutions. Technoforte is a system integrator that can tailor-make the solution for you.

With Technoforte’s OpenG2P development services, your organization can unlock the full potential of OpenG2P.

What is OpenG2P?

  • Open G2P delivers benefits from an organization to beneficiaries, or government-to-person solutions
  • It is a digital public good that is recognized by the DPGA
  • Housed in IIIT Bangalore with multiple contributors
  • It was originally developed for social benefit delivery and government-to-person solutions during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone
  • It can help with processes such as onboarding onto schemes, identity verification, and transfer into banks.
  • OpenG2P is able to accommodate a variety of eligibility criteria, and then create an assessment of each profile for the validity of receiving benefits.

Technoforte’s Services

Technoforte is an experienced system integrator, technology provider and custom software developer, with digital public good and Open G2P development services As a MOSIP development partner right from the days of inception, we are equipped with the expertise and experience required to take your OpenG2P or digital public good project from set-up to deployment and operation. Our extended support ensures that the software functionality and efficiency is at a maximum, and you are able to get the best ROI. The OpenG2P development services we offer are: 

Customization & Solution Extension

  • Customizing functionalities to align with your organization’s programs and schemes
  • Optimizing the tool to maximize efficiency
  • Detailed testing for most common scenarios and quality assurance

System Integrator

  • Trusted partner of OpenG2P to implement the technology and navigate the web of logistics
  • Enterprise application integration, i.e., meshing OpenG2P with existing infrastructure
  • Hardware requirements, determining the scope and scale of implementation
  • Pilot testing
  • DevSecOps (Development, Security, Operations)
  • Automation Testing
  • Integration with other DPGs
  • Payment Integration

OpenG2P Contributor

  • Actively participating in OpenG2P feature development in collaboration with IIIT-B

Rollout & support

  • Setting up a central project management office
  • Scheduling and forming a team
  • Setting up hardware peripherals and required software at registered centers
  • Training field personnel
  • Extended support
  • End user training
  • UAT Certification
  • Cutover and production release
  • Product stabilization

Data Security

  • Data encryption to protect sensitive information
  • Implement security certificates
  • Meeting regulatory compliance


  • Setting up OpenG2P environments
  • Change management
  • Standardizing configuration and checking it into version control
  • Configuration for additional modules
  • Setup orchestrator workflow

Our Process

Our meticulous approach to OpenG2P implementation and being a system integrator sets us apart. We follow a predetermined procedure for every project that strictly adheres to ISO guidelines:

Project Definition:

  • Setup an all-encompassing core team
  • Define project objectives
  • Demo of OpenG2P
  • Assessing custom requirements
  • Define OpenG2P configurations

OpenG2P Configuration:

  • Identifying configurations, configuration items and baselines.
  • Configuration control
  • Configuration status accounting
  • Configuration auditing
  • Build management
  • Process management
  • Environment management
  • Defect tracking

OpenG2P Customization:

  • SRS document with module design and internal structure
  • Considering modularity and risk evaluation
  • Exterior design including wireframes, architecture, technical database design, schemas for databases etc.
  • Accomodating changes while maintaining backward compatability
  • Agile development approach, with daily scrum meetings

Testing and training

  • Comprehensive and exhaustive testing
  • Training for end users
  • Deployment and maintainance
  • Continued support and bug fixing

Why Technoforte?

Delivering value

As we customize the government-to-person solutions to your specifications, we aim to deliver value every step of the way. This ensures that the full capabilities of the software are being used in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. We take the time to understand your business goals, challenges, and requirements to create a customized plan that aligns with your vision.

Impeccable response time

Our client satisfaction is the most important thing to us. You can expect an almost instantaneous response time and comprehensive support services every single time you reach out to us.

Software expertise

With our extended experience as a system integrator collaborating with IIIT-B as a MOSIP development partner, our team has become adept at understanding your requirements, navigating roadblocks in a systematic manner, and delivering a customized solution that enhances the software’s capabilities. All the ins and outs of OpenG2P development services are at our fingertips. 

Transparent Communication, Collaborative Development

We believe in open and honest communication throughout the project. You will be kept informed at every stage, ensuring full transparency. We involve you in the development process, seeking your valuable inputs to ensure the final solution exceeds your expectations.

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