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Digital Transformation

Championing Change: Technoforte takes enterprises on a journey of digital transformation. We offer services of cloud migration, big data analytics, AI and ML, digital application development, digital transformation consulting, strategy and implementation. We empower organizations to innovate and deliver more efficiently than ever, leveraging market disruptions to gain a competitive edge as part of our digital transformation solutions.

PALMS Smart Warehouse Management System

PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System helps to create a “Digital Warehouse”, a digitally transformed warehouse that records inventory information and puts data with actionable insights at your disposal, enhancing traceability and visibility and eliminating the need for physical maintenance of records. Efficient warehouse management can be at your fingertips with PALMS™ Smart WMS.


MOSIP helps governments and organizations implement digital identity infrastructure to build their own identity systems and databases. We utilize the MOSIP infrastructure to offer authentication and E-KYC services, generating virtual IDs for national identity systems, with demographic data normalization and a hotlisting feature to prevent identity theft. Our services include ensuring compliance with any biometric device, SBI for any biometric hardware for whitelisting the devices, and testing and validating the compliance.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We offer data analytics and consulting services so that companies can leverage the full potential of the data they have accumulated and make data-driven decisions. We have 21+ years of Business Intelligence implementation experience using cutting edge tools such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, Qlik and Snowflake.

Inculcate a data-driven culture at your organization!


An easier way to deliver social benefits. The foremost experts on custom development.

What do you get when you put these together?

OpenG2P is an open-source software designed to be a foundation for delivering government-to-person solutions. Technoforte is a system integration partner that can tailor-make the solution for you. With Technoforte, your organization can unlock the full potential of OpenG2P. It can help with processes such as onboarding onto schemes, identity verification, and transfer into banks. OpenG2P is able to accommodate a variety of eligibility criteria, and then create an assessment of each profile for the validity of receiving benefits.

Product Development Outsourcing

Experience our outsourced product development services that generate interactive, intuitive, and captivating digital encounters, elevating your business’s value and fostering customer loyalty. With a proven track record of aiding major IT enterprises in creating custom products and extending their product development solutions, our experts leverage their experience to accurately evaluate and deliver tailored advisory services, drawing from their extensive knowledge of industry best practices, standards, and technologies.

Do what you do best, let us do the rest.

IT Outsourcing and Consulting

Technoforte’s years of experience in IT outsourcing jobs brings immediate results & benefits for customers in 3 major areas – operational benefits, technological benefits & financial benefits. We believe in optimizing your IT infrastructure & bring in business process improvements. Our experience makes us quickly recognize nuances and subtleties of your business which enables us to address them more efficiently. Technoforte has also been a successful IV & V Partner for the implementation of identity systems for different nations across the globe, involved as a consulting partner.