Device Management Server and Client Product

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The Device Management Server and Client is a system management application programming interface that can connect and validate devices for the client and the server. It facilitates communication between the server and its client devices, and maintains security.

It offers the capability to issue commands to the end device for de-registration of the device (Device Keys), to collect device information to maintain, manage, support and upgrade a device remotely, and create a central repository of all the approved devices from the device provider. Technoforte’s device management server and client ensures the safe storage of keys using a hardware security module (HSM). These keys are used to issue the device certificate upon registration. It can also push updates from the server to the client devices.

On the client’s side it acts as the interface that connects the device with the respective management server. The communication between the management server and its clients is designed with scalability, robustness, performance and security.

Technoforte ensures that all communication to the server and from the server follows the below properties:

  • The management client detects the devices in a plug-and-play model.
  • All key rotations are triggered from the server.
  • Detects if it’s speaking to the right management server.
  • All upgrades are verifiable, and downgrades of software are not permitted.
  • Ensures any APIs are not exposed when capturing biometrics.
  • The management server cannot trigger a capture request.
  • No logging of biometric data is allowed. (Both in the encrypted and unencrypted format)