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Why outsource product development?

Recent research indicates that more than 60% of technology companies are opting to outsource their product development projects as a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency. When you choose Technoforte for your development project, you gain access to a pool of exceptional talent, cost savings, and unparalleled expertise, encompassing everything from conceptualization, setup, customization, deployment, integration, to product training.

The 2021 Global CTO Survey conducted by STX Next reveals that an impressive 89% of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) are considering outsourcing product development in their future plans. Moreover, as reported by GlobeNewswire, the market for outsourced product development is projected to reach a substantial value of $425.19 billion by 2026. With an increasing number of companies embracing complete outsourcing of product life cycles or selectively outsourcing specific functions, the practice of outsourcing product development has become commonplace in the tech industry. Renowned global tech giants like Skype, Opera, and WhatsApp have notably chosen to outsource development projects, yielding highly valuable products.

Outsourcing product development is the savvy choice in today’s landscape since the process can be handed over to experts who can ensure that it follows a prescribed timeline in a cost-effective manner.

Experience our outsourced product development services that generate interactive, intuitive, and captivating digital encounters, elevating your business’s value and fostering customer loyalty.

Our Services

Product Development

With a proven track record of aiding major IT enterprises in creating custom products and extending their product development solutions, our experts leverage their experience to accurately evaluate and deliver tailored advisory services, drawing from their extensive knowledge of industry best practices, standards, and technologies such as JavaScript, AWS, Ember, Flutter, PHP, and more.

Our experts offer full-cycle digital product development services that encompass end-to-end solutions, starting from the conception of the product to its deployment. We help introduce a minimum viable product (MVP) within a short timeframe.

Our product development services include:

● Creation of a successful product strategy through extensive competitive analysis and market research. We employ effective collaboration and iterative feedback loops to create a product that prioritizes the user’s needs.

● Implementation of a multidisciplinary approach that covers conceptualization, design, prototyping, engineering, and deployment of your product using industry-standard software tools, including CAD software, modeling and simulation technologies, rapid prototyping technologies, and agile project management systems.

● Rigorous testing, including performance testing, user testing, and compliance testing, to ensure that the developed product adheres to the highest safety, reliability, and quality standards.

● Enhancement of the product’s design process through robust prototyping, enabling our experts to swiftly iterate and refine the product’s design based on user testing and overall feedback.

● Development of a robust UI that integrates all navigation elements, functionalities, and interactivity into the product. Our experts meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring that the UI is not only visually appealing but also functional, manufacturable, and user-friendly.

Application Modernization

Our comprehensive software product development services also encompass application modernization solutions. Our experts leverage their extensive industry experience to restructure, revamp, or re-architect legacy applications and equip them with modern capabilities and features aligned with evolving business priorities.

Our product development experts employ industry-leading technologies and tools to modernize existing applications. This includes the use of containerization technologies, API integrations, rigorous testing, and other relevant techniques to enhance your legacy app’s performance, usability, functionality, scalability, and user experience.

Our application modernization services include:

● Assessment of your current business processes, objectives, and user requirements to formulate a personalized modernization strategy. This strategy prioritizes areas in need of improvement, such as inefficient workflows, application vulnerabilities, outdated technologies, and scalability limitations.

● Redesigning your legacy application, rewriting it with the latest design patterns and technologies, or consolidating multiple apps into a unified application for improved scalability and performance, based on your specific business requirements.

● Evaluation of your legacy app’s readiness for cloud migration, transitioning it from on-premises to third-party clouds like Azure or AWS, and migrating any on-premises software licenses to the cloud. Our cloud experts can seamlessly enhance your application’s security and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

● Utilization of microservices architecture, containerization, and cloud computing to enhance the application’s flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our experts also perform API integration to seamlessly connect your app with other systems, improving functionality and data sharing.

Custom Software Development

At Technoforte, our extensive experience in product development services enables us to provide custom software development solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients across various industries and sectors.

From ideation and market analysis to quality assurance, development, and DevOps, our experts offer comprehensive custom development solutions using modern technologies and tools that best align with your specific priorities. Leveraging our expert development knowledge, we help clients deploy custom software products that maximize their market capture, and our experts will do the same for you.

Our custom software development services include:

● Analysis of pre-defined bottlenecks to identify key product requirements and project scopes. We construct an appropriate concept that includes the desired features aligned with your business objectives.

● Establishment of a robust product architecture incorporating industry-standard elements related to data, networking, and infrastructure, enabling maximum scalability while ensuring mobility, security, and accessibility.

● Implementation of a complete development lifecycle, taking your prototype from MVP to production, using the required software databases, frameworks, and languages. Our experts design code that aligns with your business landscape, considering ease of management and testing.

● Establishment of CI/CD pipelines and execution of performance tests, security tests, and regression testing to ensure your team can review and deploy the product using DevOps.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

Our experts recognize the importance of software product quality and thus offer comprehensive testing and quality assurance services to help your business deliver outstanding user experiences. With their extensive testing expertise, our QA experts establish consistent QA and testing strategies to ensure the security, reliability, and high quality of your product.

Our testing and QA services include:

● Acceleration of your product’s time to market while maintaining exceptional quality through robust testing automation involving powerful scripts and testing frameworks. This approach allows for performance, regression, and load tests that enhance test coverage while saving

● Utilizing manual testing methodologies for purposes such as evaluating usability, conducting exploratory testing, and exploring edge case scenarios. These practices are aimed at pinpointing bottlenecks, areas in need of improvement, and substantially enhancing the product’s usability.

● Employing widely-accepted bug-tracking tools in conjunction with project management solutions to systematically identify, document, and resolve issues, ensuring a seamless bug-fixing process.

● Going beyond mere functional testing of your product by instituting continuous product monitoring, optimizing performance, and bolstering security as necessary. This comprehensive approach includes the use of data charts, reports, and other analytical representations to provide essential insights and recommendations for enhancing the product’s user experience, while swiftly addressing any potential vulnerabilities.

Our Suite of Products


Vehicle Defect Entry Management (VDEM) is an application built to help an automobile manufacturing factory to transition from recording defects on paper to an efficient, user-friendly mobile application. Technoforte’s team executed the project from the ideation phase to full fledged integration into operational procedures. To solve the issues caused by physical documentation, like communication gaps, manual errors, storage space, high lead time for resolving quality issues, and reactive management, VDEM was developed and deployed.

The VDEM application ensured that increased accuracy of factory operations was achieved by offering options for various inspection processes. The user is able to scan vehicle QR codes and record any defect found with the corresponding image and description. The quality checking process is also standardized by providing a checklist, and preventing defect outflow.

Deploying VDEM allowed the automobile manufacturer to avail the following benefits:

  • Real time feedback on “Vehicle Quality” and manage “Defect history”
  • Defect “Outflow Prevention” to subsequent processes
  • Mobile Application Assisted Defect recording
  • Defect Classification, Prioritization & Repair
  • Real time defect data analysis
  • Reduced manpower

Device Management Server and Client

The Device Management Server and Client is a system management application programming interface that can connect and validate devices for the client and the server. It facilitates communication between the server and its client devices, and maintains security.

It offers the capability to issue commands to the end device for de-registration of the device (Device Keys), to collect device information to maintain, manage, support and upgrade a device remotely, and create a central repository of all the approved devices from the device provider. Technoforte’s device management server and client ensures the safe storage of keys using a hardware security module (HSM). These keys are used to issue the device certificate upon registration. It can also push updates from the server to the client devices.

On the client’s side it acts as the interface that connects the device with the respective management server. The communication between the management server and its clients is designed with scalability, robustness, performance and security.

Technoforte ensures that all communication to the server and from the server follows the below properties:

  • The management client detects the devices in a plug-and-play model
  • All key rotations are triggered from the server
  • Detects if it’s speaking to the right management server
  • All upgrades are verifiable, and downgrades of software are not permitted
  • Ensures any APIs are not exposed when capturing biometrics
  • The management server cannot trigger a capture request
  • No logging of biometric data is allowed. (Both in the encrypted and unencrypted format)


PALMS™ Smart Warehouse Management System is a Digital Transformation tool for supply chain and warehouse management, providing configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Highly advanced logic based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement features in PALMS™ helps dramatically control labor costs and space utilization.

PALMS™ helps to create a “Digital Warehouse”, a digitally transformed warehouse that records inventory information and puts data with actionable insights at your disposal, enhancing traceability and visibility and eliminating the need for physical maintenance of records. The solution based on its Service Oriented Architecture offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics and other 3rd party systems.


MOSIP helps governments and organizations implement digital identity infrastructure to build their own identity systems and databases. The modular nature of the application allows for each feature to be handled as a separate plug and play service, offering a high degree of flexibility. We utilize the MOSIP infrastructure to offer authentication and E-KYC services, generating virtual IDs for national identity systems, with demographic data normalization and a hotlisting feature to prevent identity theft.

MOSIP requires devices to capture biometrics information, which should adhere to a set of technical and compliance standards/protocols. We at Technoforte have developed APIs as per the Secure Biometric Interface (SBI) for biometric hardware to make it MOSIP compliant.

We build APIs which interact between the bio hardware and MOSIP software. Our services include ensuring compliance with any biometric device, SBI for any biometric hardware for whitelisting the devices, and testing and validating the compliance.

Over the years we have had multiple engagements with MOSIP partners in secure biometric interface (SBI) compliance for biometric devices, offline biometric validations (e.g. using cryptography or chip based cards), and integrations with other external systems (like ABIS, CRVS, Functional ID systems etc.).


OpenG2P is an open-source software designed to be a foundation for delivering government-to-person solutions. Technoforte is a system integration partner that can tailor-make the solution.

Our developers customize functionalities to align with organization’s programs and schemes, optimizing the tool to maximize efficiency. We offer detailed testing for most common scenarios and quality assurance. We are a trusted partner of OpenG2P to implement the technology and navigate the web of logistics. We offer services of enterprise application integration, i.e., meshing OpenG2P with existing infrastructure. Technoforte also handles the hardware requirements, determining the scope and scale of implementation, pilot testing, DevSecOps (Development, Security, Operations), automation testing, integration with other DPGs and integration of payment systems.

Technoforte continues to partner clients throughout the product rollout and support, by setting up hardware peripherals and required software at registered centers, training field personnel, end user training, overseeing UAT certification, stabilizing product and ensuring compliance and data encryption.


The GovStack initiative runs with the objective to establish a shared comprehension and technical framework for fundamental, reusable, and interoperable digital elements collectively known as ‘building blocks.’ These building blocks encompass software code, platforms, and interoperable applications that not only work seamlessly together but also offer essential digital services at scale, making them adaptable for various use cases and contexts.

Technoforte has been a development partner for GovStack since the inception of the product. The primary aim is to facilitate countries in commencing their digital transformation journey by adopting, deploying, and expanding digital government services. By utilizing the digital “building blocks” methodology, governments can easily create or modify their digital platforms, services, and applications while simplifying cost, time, and resource requirements.

The GovStack initiative comprises four key components:

  • GovSpecs: Collaborating with governments to pinpoint practical scenarios for digital services (or use cases) that enhance citizens’ well-being.
  • GovTest: Providing an open demonstration environment for developers to familiarize themselves with and test the ‘building block’ approach
  • GovLearn: Promoting collaboration to offer capacity building, training, and support in designing strategies, among other aspects
  • GovExchange: Establishing a platform for market research, digital services, and the discovery of business opportunities and tenders

GovStack streamlines processes for national, municipal, or local governments to implement digital government services, making it more accessible, faster, and dependable.

Why Technoforte?

Managed Technical Debt

Our commitment to top-notch processes, extensive experience, and best practices in maintaining code quality underscores our dedication to delivering flawless code, free from defects. We strike a balance between short-term objectives and long-term strategy to guarantee that our development is not only outcome-focused but also free from any technical debt.

Accelerated Time to Market

We employ Agile Methodologies and Lean Product Lifecycle Management to expedite the release process, ensuring that our releases occur within weeks rather than dragging out for months. Our development frameworks and boilerplates are meticulously designed to empower our teams by automating manual processes and tasks, enabling them to allocate more time to feature development.

Accountability & Transparency

Our clients entrust us with their vital projects, and our success is intrinsically tied to theirs. Over the course of more than a decade, we have consistently upheld our commitment to transparency in our development processes and have maintained unwavering accountability for the projects we undertake.

Creating Secure IPs

With our cutting-edge infrastructure, investment in the latest hardware, adherence to non-disclosure Agreements, and compliance with local and international laws, we guarantee the security of intellectual property developed with us. We have robust protocols in place for storing sensitive data, ensuring secure remote development, and managing access with the utmost care.