Technology in Logistics

Writer is Radhika from Logwiz Institute Chennai. The retail and marketing is changing constantly due to trends in technology. Now it has conquered the Logistics Industry, revamping the way how we order and changing the way how the industry operates. This provides opportunities for any in many ways, thus increasing the efficiency among all parts […]

GST in India and Its Significance in Warehousing Industry

GST is all set to swallow other indirect taxes in India and wipe off the unorganized warehouses. Here’s how the Goods and Service Tax gearing up for changes in taxation across the country. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax collected by the government during the purchase or sale of goods but for […]

IoT presents a unique technology to beef up Logistics & Warehousing Industry

IoT creates opportunities, evoking new business models in logistics and warehousing. With lot of potential, IoT is to revolutionize business processes across the entire value chain. We all know that the internet has undergone numerous stages of development from its inception but wait, the revolution is yet to be realized. What is Internet of Things (IOT) […]

Choosing between installed apps and browser apps

In the previous post we had a quick introduction to the challenges when dealing with Enterprise Mobility. You can find that post here. This post will deal with choosing between and installed application and a browser application. What is an installed app?An Installed app is something that is installed in the phone / tablet and is always […]

The Enterprise Mobility Puzzle

This is an introductory post for a series of posts on enterprise mobility. Preamble With a proliferation of smart devices in the hands of consumers, individual expectations from enterprise applications have risen sharply. Users expect information to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Service levels expected from the enterprises have also risen with higher benchmarks. While technology […]