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About Technoforte

  • Fast, Flexible, Focused and Friendly
  • 22 Years of track record in providing Enterprise Solutions
  • Vast Experience & Expertise on MOSIP National ID Platform
  • Owns IP for PALMS Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Cloud, Mobility and Big Data ready for future growth
  • Fortune 500 Clientele
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified


  • MOSIP is a robust scalable and inclusive foundational identity platform
  • The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) helps Governments and other user organizations implement a digital, foundational identity system in a cost effective way.
  • Nations can use MOSIP freely to build their own identity systems. Being modular in its architecture, MOSIP provides flexibility to countries in how they implement and configure their systems, and helps avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Anchored at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), MOSIP harnesses the power of open source and embraces the best practices of scalability, security and privacy.

Technoforte’s Experience on National ID

  • Technoforte is a MOSIP Development Partner right from the Product inception days in 2018
  • Technoforte is a MOSIP Development Partner right from the Product inception days in 2018
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • QA Certification & Automation Testing
  • DevSecOps
  • Pilot Projects for various countries
  • MOSIP Partner Engagement & Support
  • Multiple Engagements with MOSIP Partners in the following areas

  • Secure Biometric Interface (SBI) Compliance for Biometric Devices
  • Offline Biometric Validations (e.g. using Cryptograph or Chip Based Card)
  • Integrations with other external systems (like ABIS, CRVS, Functional ID systems etc.,)

Technoforte Offerings

MOSIP Customization & Implementation

SBI Compliance for Biometric Devices

Device Management Server & Client

MOSIP 3rd Party Integrations

MOSIP Rollout & Support

MOSIP Implementation

Technoforte has established a mature process for MOSIP Implementation which is detailed below:

  • Project Definition
  • Setup PMO & Core Team
  • Define Project Objectives
  • Deploy MOSIP Vanilla Version
  • Demo & Gap Assessment
  • Define MOSIP Configs (e.g. ID Object, Workflow)
  • Signoff Gap Assessment Doc
  • MOSIP Configuration
  • Setup MOSIP Environments (Dev, QA, UAT etc.,)
  • Configure MOSIP as per Signed off Requirements
  • Setup ID Object as defined
  • Implement Security Certificates as required
  • Setup Orchestrator Workflow as defined
  • MOSIP Customization
  • Setup SCRUM Meetings
  • Product Customization Sprints as per Agile Principles
  • Built In QA Certification
  • Automated Regression Testing for most common scenarios
  • Final Release & QA Certification
  • Training, UAT & Release
  • End User Training on Finished Product
  • UAT Certification by Client Organization
  • UAT Support & Bug Fixes
  • UAT Signoff
  • Cutover & Production Release
  • Product Stabilization

SBI Compliance for Biometric Devices

MOSIP requires devices to capture biometrics information, which should adhere to a set of technical and compliance standards/protocols. We, at Technoforte, have developed APIs as per the Secure Biometric Interface (SBI) for biometric hardware to make it MOSIP compliant.

We build APIs which interact between the bio hardware and MOSIP software. Our Services include the following:

  • Compliance with any biometric device
  • SBI for any biometric hardware for whitelisting the devices
  • Test and validate the compliance

Device Management Server & Client

The devices used in MOSIP are required to connect with the management server and get the device provider’s certificates digitally signed by the MOSIP national identity system.

Management client is the interface that connects the devices with the management server.

Key responsibility of a management server:

  • Validate devices to ensure it is a genuine device
  • Automatic registration of devices in plug and play model
  • Digitally signed communication with the management server
  • HSM-based storage of Device Encryption Keys
  • Key rotation: Timely rotation of keys for additional security and reliability

Key responsibility of a management client

  • To communicate with Mgmt Server for auto-registering the bio devices
  • Getting the device signed certificate from Mgmt Server
  • Check for expiry of the certificate for timely Key Rotation

MOSIP 3rd Party Integrations

Technoforte has the expertise to interface MOSIP to various related ecosystem applications and devices. Examples of the same include:

  • Civil Registry Systems (e.g. OpenCRVS)
  • Offline Authentication Systems (e.g. IDPass)
  • 3rd Party ID Registration Client
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Others

MOSIP Rollout & Support

Technoforte supports countries in country-wide rollouts through the following activites

  • Setup of Central PMO for Rollout Management
  • Rollout Team Formation and Scheduling
  • Setup of Hardware Peripherals & Required Software at Reg Centres
  • Training and Handholding of Field Personnel
  • Extended Support