Networking Services

Organization over the years have realized that network outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers can yield them significant cost savings and business benefits. It has matured to an extent where mass skill sets are available and they can be administer nearly 100% through very advanced management tools with remote delivery model.

We manage majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks from a secure certified centralized network operations staff. Our mature transition methodology in turn converts each activity into an ITIL compliant process that can be effectively delivered through tools and automation thus automating the availability of applications running on network rather than just addressing the uptime.

We provide following services for networking:-


  • Network Designing and Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Installation Service
  • SLA management
  • Solutions for LAN,WLAN and Campus LAN
  • Instrumental Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Cisco & Juniper Series Switches
  • Configuring , Managing and Monitoring Cisco Series switches with VLAN
  • Configuring and Managing Wireless Access Points
  • Handling Fiber Optics and one to one Testing with fluke meter
  • Preparing Active and Passive BOM for project requirements
  • Checking and verifying EOL support and bug’s before proposing devices procurement
  • Preparing Incident report for critical issues for future reference & maintaining documentation
  • Handling CISCO IOS and Juniper JUNOS upgrades
  • Managing Vendors related work and project
  • Coordination with Vendor Team for link flapping and if any outage occurs
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the Network Devices
  • Bandwidth Utilization observation, troubleshooting and reporting team in case of high Utilization
  • Troubleshooting in case of link flap or down
  • Handling regular Preventive Maintenance for network devices and submitting report to management
  • Coordination with switching team for any emerged issue
  • Coordination with Telecom carriers for network related issues
  • Cabling and crimping of RJ45 port connectors and Layouts
  • Adding and deletions of Ports from a VLAN for any issue
  • Bandwidth utilization, validation and Testing in case of any Link upgrade or downgrade
  • Network Health Monitoring Report:- Memory and CPU utilization, interface errors, latency
  • Maintaining SLA for inter network incidents and Vendor related calls
  • Inventory Update, IP address List Update, Documentation and Diagram Update
  • Monitoring Network through Whatsup Gold
  • Network design with MSVisio and AutoCAD



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