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Product development, from ideation to deployment, is our forte.

Welcome expertise into your team.

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Outsourcing product development is the savvy choice in today’s landscape since the process can be handed over to experts who can ensure that it follows a prescribed timeline in a cost-effective manner.

Experience our outsourced product development services that generate interactive, intuitive, and captivating digital encounters, elevating your business’s value and fostering customer loyalty.

Our Services

Product Development

With a proven track record of aiding major IT enterprises in creating custom products and extending their product development solutions, our experts leverage their experience to accurately evaluate and deliver tailored advisory services, drawing from their extensive knowledge of industry best practices, standards, and technologies such as JavaScript, AWS, Ember, Flutter, PHP, and more.

Our experts offer full-cycle digital product development services that encompass end-to-end solutions, starting from the conception of the product to its deployment. We help introduce a minimum viable product (MVP) within a short timeframe.

Application Modernization

Our comprehensive software product development services also encompass application modernization solutions. Our experts leverage their extensive industry experience to restructure, revamp, or re-architect legacy applications and equip them with modern capabilities and features aligned with evolving business priorities.

Our product development experts employ industry-leading technologies and tools to modernize existing applications. This includes the use of containerization technologies, API integrations, rigorous testing, and other relevant techniques to enhance your legacy app’s performance, usability, functionality, scalability, and user experience.

Custom Software Development

At Technoforte, our extensive experience in product development services enables us to provide custom software development solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients across various industries and sectors.

From ideation and market analysis to quality assurance, development, and DevOps, our experts offer comprehensive custom development solutions using modern technologies and tools that best align with your specific priorities. Leveraging our expert development knowledge, we help clients deploy custom software products that maximize their market capture, and our experts will do the same for you.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

Our experts recognize the importance of software product quality and thus offer comprehensive testing and quality assurance services to help your business deliver outstanding user experiences. With their extensive testing expertise, our QA experts establish consistent QA and testing strategies to ensure the security, reliability, and high quality of your product.

Our suite of products includes VDEM, PALMS, MOSIP, Device Management Server and Client, GovStack, and OpenG2P. Our commitment to top-notch processes, extensive experience, and best practices means our clients entrust us with many mission-critical projects. Speak to our in-house product development experts today to learn more!

Digital Transformation Services

Technoforte takes enterprises on a journey of digital transformation – restructuring operational procedures to implement automated systems, streamline processes, and foster innovation.

The efficacy of the digital transformation process to deliver the desired improvements depends entirely on how comprehensive the strategy is behind it. Technoforte applies a tried and tested roadmap – a structured process – to accelerate your transformation initiatives via deep domain expertise.

Our Services

Cloud Migration

Leverage our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions to enhance the flexibility, scalability, and connectivity of your business environment. Rely on our expertise in enterprise application development to migrate your mobile strategy to the cloud. Expedite project timelines, improve organizational scalability, and consolidate network security through the assistance of our digital transformation services.

Big Data Analytics

Establish a scalable approach to consistently enhance business intelligence, establish a dependable method for data analysis, and provide your workforce with user-friendly visualizations to comprehend customer preferences and market trends.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our team of digital transformation experts addresses your business transformation challenges by utilizing their proficiency in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, intelligent automation, and predictive analytics.

Digital Applications

Our digital transformation consultants assist in swiftly developing scalable greenfield applications and reducing operational costs through the adoption of a microservices architecture with serverless workloads. Our specialists can revamp systems, modernize legacy applications, and ensure your business is future-ready.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our digital transformation consultants, equipped with industry knowledge, insights into the customer journey, and an understanding of market dynamics, collaborate with you to formulate an effective strategy with quantifiable business results.

Digital Transformation Strategy & Implementation

We empower organizations to innovate and deliver more efficiently than ever, leveraging market disruptions to gain a competitive edge as part of our digital transformation solutions. Our technical proficiency combined with years of experience ensures a seamless transition, whether it involves integrating AI into your business, modernizing IT infrastructure, or facilitating digitally-enabled applications.


Independent Verification and Validation + Testing Services

Technoforte possess enormous years of experience in independent sanitation tests and checks of large applications before they are actually deployed in the production environment.

Technoforte has been a successful IV & V Partner for some of the Identity systems implementation for different nations across the globe;
Technoforte's involvement as consulting partner has helped nations in the following:

  • Easy and Faster Adoption of a National ID System
  • Releasing a bug free System
  • Faster Adoption of the new Technology
  • Releasing a System that meets local requirements
  • Deploying a National ID System within Budgeted costs
  • Change Management

Where does the IV&V activity fit into this whole agile development methodology?

Technoforte has developed a Test Rig which takes into consideration the following activities:

  • Functional Test
  • White Box Security Test
  • Black Box Security Test
  • Local / Cloud Deployment
  • Load / Stress Test
  • Automated Testing

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