Data Modelling on Qlik- Part 2

Last time I mentioned in my blog “The only harm perhaps that synthetic keys cause is that they destroy the readability of your Data Model”. Some of the beginners did not quite understand this well enough and I realized this may need some elaboration. My next exercise will just highlight the same. In this exercise […]

Nuances of using Filters and Variables in NPrinting

About NPrinting NPrinting is a product of Qlik to generate the reports from QlikView and Qlik Sense Applications. Reports can be created in various formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML and the distribution can be scheduled and automated. In this blog we shall cover the critical differences that exist in usage of […]

Data Modelling on Qlik

This is first in series of specific blogs that I will be writing explaining the fundamentals of Data Modelling in Qlik. Data Model is the heart of your Qlik dashboard and can affect each of the following: Expression Complexity Performance Scalability Maintainability Reload Times Link Table design and Star Schema are the most favoured data […]

Multi Node Setup in QlikSense

Introduction: In Technoforte, we have encountered situations which required multi-node setup on QlikSense for some of our clients and we faced some problems while doing the multi node setup. This blog summarizes the steps to be followed as well as our learning on this subject. Multi Node setup is much needed in such cases, where […]

Big Data Analysis

Large or Big Data is terabytes of complicated and interdependent data that it difficult to process using simple analytical tools for database management or traditional data processing solutions. The challenges include collection, normalizing, right-sizing hardware for storage, extraction, transferring, loading and visualization to make meaning out of it. The trend to larger sets of data […]