SWIFT DashboardSWIFT is a web based user friendly and most effective Integrated Service & Warranty Management System. This product has evolved over years of service provided and experience gained by our experts on various industry verticals. The system can be customized to suit your business process.

Over many years companies have overlooked the importance of service and warranty without understanding the enormous potential. Technoforte's core objective of coming out with this specialized product is to provide companies with increased organizational efficiency, push costs into the supply chain and improve product quality.

The system is powered by an effective warranty claims module which ensures accurate reimbursements and recovers costs that were not even noticeable in most of the companies. 

The key modules & features in the product which helps organizations efficiently control their business process are:

  1. Creation, Modification & Searching of Customer Appointment
  2. Quick & simple method of Job Cards creation, modification & searching
  3. Technician Clock In - Out
  4. Improved warranty cost control management through search Job Card Claim, Create Claim, Confirm Claim, Reject Claim & Approve Claim
  5. Discussion forums giving insights towards detailed discussions on product-wise problems
Sample job card screen:
Sample job card screen
Sample claim confirmation screen:
Sample claim confirmation screen


SWIFT benefits for customers:

  • With the combined power of cost reduction, new revenue streams, superior product quality, and the elimination of fraudulent behavior, companies may transform warranty management from a curse to an asset
  • Significantly reduces turn around time and reduces overall warranty-related expenses
  • Automatic detection & denial of invalid claims
  • Substantial reduction of labor costs involved in claim processing & adjudication

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